Terms and Conditions for purchasing Brillianto images

Terms and Conditions

Brillianto Images is operated by Dr Ingo Schüder, acting as a sole trader. I pay income tax on all income generated from Brillianto Images.

You do NOT obtain the intellectual property rights for an image by purchasing it. You do get the rights to use the image as per the licence agreement you purchased. Please see commercial licence and non-commercial licence.

If you violate the licence agreements,brillianto will persue a claim through the small claims court:

  1. If you use an image purchased with a non-commercial licence for commercial purposes, you will be charged twice the normal price of a commercial licence per image violation.
  2. If you use an image purchased with a commercial licence for purposes not included in the commercial licence (e.g. resale or mass use on a product for sale), you will be charged £199 (universal licence) per image violation.

Strictly no refunds. Once you have downloaded the image, you cannot get a refund.


Any species names used in the image description are indicative only. If it is important to you to purchase an image of a very specific species, then please contact Brillianto via the contact form to enquire about the level of certainty of species ID. The wrong ID of a species is not a reason for a refund. Please satisfy yourself you are happy with the species ID before purchasing an image.

If you have any questions about the T&C or licences, please use the contact form to contact Brillianto. For other questions, please check out the Frequently Asked Questions.

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