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6 best practice Green Infrastructure case studies for the Green Cities website - targeting councillors and other decision-makers

Translation of GrünStattGrau website for the Austrian umbrella organisation for greening buildings (green roofs and green walls)

Green Infrastructure and Climate Change factsheet -covering both mitigation and adaptation to climate change - guidance for the   PERFECT EU Interreg project

Working with Prof Alister Scott to develop pathways to impact for Green Infrastructure as part of the 'Mainstreaming Green Infrastructure' project

Green Infrastructure Resource Library a searchable database with 1,200+ items on natural capital, green space, green roofs, SUDS and all topics related to multi-functional Green Infrastructure

Making the case for investment in Green Infrastructure in Oxfordshire - a detailed framework for strategic investment in GI, setting out the benefits of investment in GI, how GI can help tackle socio-economic challenges and sustainability issues, establishing likely returns on investment and proposing a range of implementation strategies (publication 2020)

Multi Advantages of Green Infrastructure in Cities (MAGIC Matrix) guidance to help PERFECT EU partners to have a strategic, robust and focussed approach to developing their Action Plan and to
communicate the benefits of Green Infrastructure. 

Collaboration on Demystifying Health - a guidance paper discussing the contested and complex concept of ‘health’ reflecting on the many different definitions and conceptualisations. 

Environmental Data review for the West of England - reviewing stakeholder engagement, communication activities, data management and volunteer engagement and exploring future business models for the Bristol Environmental Record Centre (BRERC) and the West of England Nature Partnership (WENP)

Translating Green Infrastructure research into decision making and practice - online survey and semi-structured interviews to scope issues, challenges and opportunities.

Transfer of items from the 'Benefits of GI' database to the Green Infrastructure Resource Library to ensure key public sector guidance documents remain accessible to partners of the Green Infrastructure Resource Library

EKN Tools Assessor dissemination - development and delivery of two webinars presenting a selection of analytical tools, one webinar focussing on Green Infrastructure and SUDS, the other one on landscape-scale assessment & river catchments 

German- English translation of key stakeholder survey messages on flood risk insurance, compensation programs, motivation for Flood risk mitigation measures, good practice, examples of business types most liable to flooding and global perspectives and examples

Conference Speaker: Green Infrastructure- Making a contribution to the challenges we face - Positive Planning Seminar

Collaboration on Demystifying Economic Valuation - guidance covering the main issues, questions and principles surrounding economic valuation and is designed as an overview for those new to economic valuation. 

I was instrumental in securing funding and developing the development of the Oxfordshire Strategic Environmental Economic Investment Plan (SEEIP) - covering proposlas for many Green Infrastructure and biodiversity projects

Support of development of 'Red Squirrels United' LIFE bid - successful bid (c€1.6m). This was foundation for another successful bid to HLF (c£1.6m). Project launched 2016.

I developed an approach to writing evidence-based Green Infrastructure and green space case studies and wrote or contributed to several case studies:
St Lawrence Park, Byker, Newcastle
Wynyard Woodland Park, Stockton
Blyth Green Travel Plan
Tees Heritage Park, Stockton
Easington Colliery Concept Statement

Mapping Green Infrastructure Corridors in Yorkshire & the Humber -map, methodology, corridor description, legend for map

I led a project to develop the landscape-scale partnership 'Limestone Landscapes' and secured a major HLF funding bid to implement it. Project delivery 2011 - 2016.






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