Green Infrastructure & Green Space. Environmental Consultancy. Translations. 

ABOUT Brillianto

Brillianto was launched in 2014. I specialise in services to the environmental sector. I am a trained Ecologist and have experience in Green Infrastructure & Green Spaces, Ecology, Biodiversity & Conservation and Sustainable Agriculture.

I have previously worked for Natural England and Wild Oxfordshire, a local Nature Conservation charity.

My values are Quality, Integrity and Professionalism.

My environmental consultancy services are founded in a wealth of experience

of the environmental sector. This includes in-depth knowledge of Green

Infrastructure, natural capital, biodiversity, ecology & nature conservation. I combine this with softer skills such as facilitation and workshop design. I recently had successes in securing larger amounts of European funding.

Ingo Schüder Brillianto Ingo Schuder

I offer translation services, bringing together my language skills in German and English and a sound understanding of the environmental sector  to deliver insightful and meaningful translations of  the highest quality.

Dr. Ingo Schüder, Director of Brillianto

Nature Photography has been a passion of mine for many years. I have a vast number of images to offer as a sole product or in combination with the other two services. Or you can just enjoy them on this website or on Facebook.